all over my rainbow

After a 3 year break Lina, the artistic part of Populaergrafik, finally started her new project. On her new website all over my rainbow she is doing what she does best. Taking pictures and combining them to create incredible montages. This is her first own artistic project since our Red Dot Award winning final Project Land of Milk and Honey where ...



Just came back from our Mallorca vacation. A lot of sun, a lot of beach and way too much Gin. Here are some pictures we


Theben Packaging

Finally we did our first packaging. We did the packaging and the brochure for Theben's IF Award winning presence detector PlanoCentro. PlanoCentro is made for interior designers who don't want the detector to be seen or use it as an design object. The goal was to make the packaging and the brochure like it was for an design object and not just for ...



Hundeverhalten is an english book the Kosmos Verlag published in german. It is a huge book about dog's behavior. The Kosmos Verlag didn't like how the book looked in english so again we did the whole



A pretty long time ago, when we just founded Populärgrafik, we were very surprised when the magazine Computer Arts Projects asked us for an interview. Of course we said yes and here is how it looks. If you're still interested what happened about 2 years ago you can check out the whole interview


Belser Cover Series

Since some time we are creating a cover series for the Belser Verlag. These were the first 2 book that were published, but there are more to



Kosmos Verlag published this book about Lake Baikal in 2009. We did the whole package. Cover, Layout and the inside. The pictures were take by Michael and Ljudmila


Katzen auf der Couch

Before Lina went and had her baby-break she did one of her amazing collages for a book the Kosmos Verlag is publishing. As you can see on the Cover it is about cats and why they sometimes do strange


21 Century Thrill Covers

Since about 2 Years the Kosmos Verlag is publishing a very successful series of books for teens. The 21 Century Thrill series is about nowadays themes like 9/11, the tsunami, biological weapons ... We created the layout for the inside, the cover for each book and even the cover images. Since the series is that successful there's more to come for ...


Deutsche Steinzeug

Deutsche Steinzeug is one of the world's leading ceramic producers. For a contest, interior designers had to design a room with some of their products. When it came down to the last ten we made the posters with the images and the concepts of the designed rooms to make the judging easier. Here are some