120 Years AIT

This year AIT celebrated their 120th anniversary with a Special edition. They asked us if we wanted to create the appearance for the anniversary-issue and the cover for the june-issue. And of course we wanted to. So since the typical AIT-issues are very clean with high-quality printed covers, we thought we should break this for this ...





This is a magazine about censorship in music, music videos and why some people want their stuff to be censored. Who was censored, what was the first music video to be censored, what people do to be censored and what you shouldn’t do if you don’t want your stuff to be





Lina did these Flyers during her semester she spent at Gold & Wirtschaftswunder. The final one was the one with the


Shifted Exclusiveness

This animation is showing how complicated acting in unknown social spaces can be. It shows that communication between people with different habitus can lead to missunderstandings. The animation was nominated for a Webby Award. Go and check it out


Der Büro-Code

Steelcase wanted to publish a book about the different every day life in 6 different countries in europe. The book includes these different studies visualised in illustrations by the fantastic illustrator Michael Meier. Other included case studies are about Google in Zürich and the different Steelcase



Karnivoren is a book about insect eating plants. The combination of our layout and Thomas Carows amazing photos makes Karnivoren a whole new and different kind of book about


Words like Violence

The book is about fotomontage. The pictures are in combination with song lyrics. The lyrics and the pictures don’t have any message. The book is about expressing feelings ans what happenes when pictures and lyrics are combined on a


Just a Phase

This book is about a short phase of semobody’s life and what happened in this phase of his